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Miranda Salt
Project Director

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Presented in 2001 at the Museum do Chiado in Lisbon, the installation Espelho diário (Daily Mirror), an ironic reference to the tabloid The Daily Mirror, was born from an original collection. Over a number of years, Rosângela Rennó gathered together various tabloid articles published in the Brazilian press, all of them accounts of women also named Rosângela. Then, with the collaboration of the author Alícia Duarte Penna, she rewrote this materiel in the form of short monologues, and then she enacted them all. For two hours, this filmed succession of one hundred and thirty three Rosângelas –mothers, celebrities, housewives, homeless, murdered women, kidnapped, deputies, workers… – is an unusual form of a living archive. The installation is accentuated by the means of two synchronised projections, laid out at a 120-degree angle, mirroring these remarkable Rosângelas. For this presentation, the artist recorded a French version of the monologues, which will be shown over the original version.

Curator: Catherine Mathis
Artistic Advisor: Jean-Marc Prévost
Video engineer: Erwan Huon

With the support of the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles d’Ile-de-France-Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, and of BETC.


Chosen to represent Brazil at the 50th Biennale of Venice in 2003, Rosângela Rennó is without question a unique figure apart in the current landscape of contemporary art. Her unconventional work, paved with ambitious installations, takes shape from heterogeneous materiel: family photograph albums, newspaper accounts, snapshots by famous photographers, prison archives or headshots. Proceeding by trips, data processing, recontextualisations, dialogues with texts, Rosângela Rennó takes over all of these medias, proof of disparate and dispersed existences. In doing this, she creates an accessible work where lost and anonymous voices that echo, intersect and call out to us. In referring to private references– photographs, factual accounts of weddings, holidays, birthdays, but also family albums – the objects presented encourage us to reflect on social amnesia and the dissolution of identity.

Among her recent creations

2005 Apagamentos, Corpo da Alma, Lisbon
2004 Experiênca de Cinema, São Paulo
2003 Séries Vermelha (Militares), Biennale de Venise ; Daily mirror, New York
2002 Bibliotheca, Belo Horizonte ; Diálogo Vera Cruz, Fortaleza
2001 Espelho Diário, Lisbon
1999 Vulgo, Parede Cega (cem retratos), São Paulo


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