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RURI: Archive - endangered waters

'Archive – endangered waters' is an interactive multimedia installation, an ode to nature and a meditation on its value in the modern world. The work consists of a kind of databank of 52 waterfalls spread around the wild and magnificent heartland of Iceland and photographed by the artist from the edge of glacier torrents and rivers of crystal-clear water. The photographs have been developed on transparencies each of which is mounted between two panes of glass. Each resulting assembly is designed to slide vertically within a cold and imposing steel structure, thus creating a kind of metaphorical archiving system.

In the work, all the photographs are accurately and methodically labelled. In order to view them, the visitor draws down out the solid steel frames that slide smoothly and readily with surprising ease given the weight of each element. Once it is within view, each waterfall begins to emit its own natural sounds, at the original pitch and volume. The sounds are played back with extreme realism and confer onto the image a surprising emotional presence. Once the panel is pushed back, the sound dies out.

Curators: Catherine Mathis, Laufey Helgadottir

These exhibitions were organised as part of Islande de glace et de feu, une Quinzaine Islandaise en Franc [Iceland, land of ice and fire, an Icelandic fortnight in France] from September 27th to October 10, 2004 and supported by BETC and the Iceland Ministry for Education, Science and Culture.


Rúrí has positioned herself both as a witness and surveyor, and has succeeded in combining technology and nature in a remarkable way. These waterfalls, whose existence is now threatened because of the planned building of a dam and hydroelectric plant the usefulness of which is widely disputed in Iceland, are now archived in a library an archive just like books or documents.

Rúrí began her career 30 years ago and was noticed by the international public at the Venice Biennale in 2003, with the work 'Archive - endangered waters', installed in the Iceland Pavillion at the Giardini.

Laufey Helgadottir, an art historian and the curator of the Icelandic exhibits at the 2003 and 2005 Venice Biennale, lives in France and Iceland and represents Rúrí in Paris.

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