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Passage du Désir
85-87 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
F-75010 PARIS
Métro Château d'eau (4) or Gare de l'est (4, 5, 7)

Tel: + 33 (1) 56 41 36 04


Miranda Salt
Project Director

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Born in Paris, 1971, Joana Vasconcelos is considered one of the most outstanding young Portuguese artists of recent years. Concentrating on sculptures and installations, she is the bridge between various generations, as the oldest member of the new generation of young Portuguese artists in the 1990s. Her strong impression and personality can be seen in the magnitude of her works, through the ordinariness of the everyday objects she uses, with specific reference to young women, plus the fact that she is influenced by all kinds of design and architecture, in terms of both proportion and functionality. Many of her works are a blend of playfulness and aesthetics, giving new meaning to aesthetic objects so that from a critical, functional or aesthetic viewpoint they acquire a new quality.

For her first major individual exhibition in the French capital, Vasconcelos will present a selection of 13 fundamental works from the last ten years, enabling an appreciation of the many ways in which the artist plays with objects and themes. She always starts her investigations from a feminine standpoint, using a direct approach or a particular knowledge of these objects, techniques, utensils and spaces which are familiar to her through experience, as well as through the memories she has of many of them have in relation to the new environment in which they have been placed: design works -Plastic Party (1997); Cama Valium (1998), items of clothing -Wash and go (1998); Air Flow (2001), or textiles -A Pega (2002); Pantelmina (2001), Valquiria (2004).

Curators: Catherine Mathis, Cédric Morisset

Exhibition produced by the Passage du Désir and mounted thanks to the support of the Portugal Ministry of Culture, the Instituto das Artes, the Instituto Camoes, the Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian and BETC.


Vasconcelos retains the essence of her Portuguese heritage through her resounding modernism and her sense of tradition, which she is constantly updating - Barco de Mariquinhas (2002); www.fatimashop (2002).- Her work goes back and forth translating and updating elements, forms or traditions. To conclude, Vasconcelos is the young grande dame of modern Portuguese sculpture, since it is rare these days to meet artists who have developed such a consistent career using large format sculpture on the international stage - Ponto de Encontro (2000), A Noiva (2001) - and who have such validity and interest in the diverse fields of design, fashion, architecture and contemporary art, as aroused by this artist through her work.

Le Passage du Désir - chez BETC - 85/87 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 PARIS - Tél: + 33(0)1 56 41 36 04