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Miranda Salt
Project Director

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revue de presse
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HERVE ROBBE: Mutating Score

Mutating score is conceived as a hybrid choreographic project in permanent interaction with the public. The project questions the occupation and transformation of space, its presentation and representation; the elements that compose and recompose it; but also the public’s place and possible role in the construction of the narrative.

This process of writing explores the possible relationship between dance, music, image and technology. If until now, we have used technology in the process of fabricating the performance, it is now integrated in the performance in real time.

Curators: Catherine Mathis, Carole Rambaud

Produced by the Passage du Désir and the Centre chorégraphique national du Havre-Haute-Normandie, in coproduction with the IRCAM-Centre Georges Pompidou, and with the support of BETC.


The dramaturgy has been developed from three choreographic episodes : Wave 01, Vaguely light and Erasing territory. Each episode reveals distinctive corporal, musical, vocal, and artistic materials that together, develop the landscaped space of Mutating Score.

In this environment, the dramaturgical narrative is underscored by the simultaneous sensorial presences that the audience is drawn to perceive and share.


Le Passage du Désir - chez BETC - 85/87 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 PARIS - Tél: + 33(0)1 56 41 36 04